Miss Bonsor is the Reading Subject Leader at The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School. Reading is part of our English, Language and Communication Faculty which is also led by Miss Bonsor.



In class, children will be learning phonics, sight words and strategies to read unknown words. They will be part of a daily phonics session, which will develop their phonological knowledge and the skills of blending and segmenting.

We use Oxford Reading Tree books for teaching reading . All of our books are phonetically decodable. 

In addition to guided reading and individual home reading, all children from Reception onwards become members of our school library. They are given a barcode each to identify themselves on the library system and will have a session in our school library each week. During this time they can browse books and choose one to take home and read for pleasure with their families. This book might be one that they want to read for themselves or have an adult read to them and may vary in difficulty. The whole point in that they read for pleasure whether alone or with a sibling or adult. This book can be changed whenever they have library time.

English Reading