Phonics and Reading

The teaching of phonics  is a real strength of the school. Such effective practice provides pupils with the skills to sound out unknown words which will help develop their proficiency in reading. Most pupils enjoy reading. They read regularly with their teachers and at home. The books that pupils read are closely monitored by teachers, particularly at Key Stage 1.(Ofsted 2013)

In class, children will be learning phonics, sight words and strategies to read unknown words. They will be part of a daily phonics group, which will develop their phonological knowledge and the skills of blending and segmenting.

Within Reception, children will be learning to read on a 1 to 1 basis.

In Year One, some children will be learning to read on a 1 to 1 basis and all children within a weekly guided group.

In Year Two, children will be learning to read within a guided group and will complete small group comprehension to develop their deduction and inference skills. In school, we follow the ‘Read, Write Inc’ scheme to help children to develop their phonics skills.