Every week our children engage in Mental Health and Wellbeing sessions with their classmates and teachers. We encourage discussions and learn strategies to help us to deal with challenging situations and tricky times in our lives. We teach skills of collaboration, resilience and tolerance as part of our sessions and throughout our everyday learning in school.

Please find links to support and help. Know that we are always here if you need us.

Follow the link and complete the quick quiz to be signposted to activities and services.

Your Mind Plan | Every Mind Matters | One You (www.nhs.uk)

Useful Practical Resources to support you and your children




This week is anti - bullying week. We are talking to children about this year's theme which is 'One Kind Word'

Follow the link below to see some additional activities and what you can do to help your child if they are worried about bullying.

Primary Anti-Bullying Week toolkit (mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk)