Mr Newton is the Physical Education Subject Leader at The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School. PE is part of our PE Faculty which is also led by Mr Newton.


Our Physical Education philosophy at The Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School is based around the belief that our children should develop and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Through our P.E. lessons we aim to give the children a wide variety of experiences that allow them to learn new skills and improve these due to high quality teaching and coaching. We aim to promote a healthy living message, not just through P.E. lessons, but also in Science, PSHE, outdoor adventure and throughout our curriculum. We encourage collaboration and team work, developing resilience and building a positive attitude towards physical development to aid health and well-being.

Our curriculum covers all areas of physical activity with each class receiving two P.E. sessions each week. We provide a breadth of experience that caters for the interests and abilities of all our children.

We provide plentiful opportunities for our children to take a further part in a variety of sporting and physical activities. This is available through our extra-curricular provision as well as our participation in competitive events during the course of the year.

At the same time we praise individual achievement and recognise exceptional skill and progress in all areas of physical activity. Using this area of the curriculum to grow our children’s level of confidence helps them to recognise that achievement and success exist beyond a classroom and allows many children an opportunity to shine and be recognised for having a different set of skills and talents.

Physical Education