Emergency Care

Please find a letter regarding emergency care for key workers and vulnerable children below. For safeguarding reasons, it is important that you book your children in for the days that you require the additional support. If your child is not booked in we may not be able to accept them when you arrive at school. If you are booked in, please contact us in the event that your child will not be attending so that we can offer the place to another child and know that your child is safe.

All parents will be asked to complete a consent form before their child is able to attend the childcare offer and must provide evidence of employment.

Please remember that the first principle of the Government's advice is that if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. The aim of asking you to keep your child at home is to reduce the number of children making the journey to school. Lancashire County Council have asked us to share this poster with all parents considering sending their children to school during this time.


As we are using the nursery building, you are able to contact us on 01772 792582.

Please book using our Parents Evening Booking System here If your child is not booked onto this system, we can not guarantee that there will be a place for them. Places must be booked before 9pm on the day before you require a place. This is to ensure that we can provide adequate staff numbers.