We are currently consulting on our school uniform with the proposed changes being introduced from September 2019. All children will be expected to wear the new uniform by September 2020.

There are several options for you to consider:


We are proposing to have a bespoke, tartan skirt that will offer our children a unique identity and an additional sense of pride. The skirts have been chosen for the quality of material which will last much longer than high street brands and the style which is flattering and comfortable.

The two options are a grey tartan which is similar to the skirts we currently allow or a maroon and gold tartan which picks up on our school colours and stands out frrom the crowd. 


If the grey skirt is chosen, then the trousers / socks will be grey. If the maroon and gold is chosen, the trousers / socks will be black.


We are offering you the opportunity to decide whether the children in Nursery & Reception classes should wear the full school uniform or be able to wear a tracksuit with the school logo embroidered on it. The tracksuit will be £20 in total.

The colours of the tracksuit will be maroon and either grey or black depending on the final decision made on the skirt.


We will be introducing a tie and children will be expected to wear a white shirt (long or short sleeves) and a tie. The tie will be maroon but there is the option for the tie to have a thin gold stripe at no extra cost.


Due to the difficulty some parents have in purchasing maroon summer dresses and having to buy a red one, it has been suggested that we change the colour of the dress to yellow to pick up the gold in the uniform. The yellow dresses are readily available from high street stores.


The PE kit will be black bottoms and white T shirt but we would like your opinion on what items you would like to see on our PE kit list - some of our girls would like a skort to be introduced.

We will be supplying the uniform directly from school to ensure that we can keep prices as reasonable as possible and so that we can control the quality of the uniform that you are provided with. We will be offering package deals to parents and discounts if you are entitled to Pupil Premium Funding. If you want to check your eligibility, please click here

We appreciate your feedback and contributions and would ask you to follow the link to our online survey to express your opinion. Uniform samples are available to see in school - please pop in to have a look!


Many thanks


Click here to fill out the survey for our uniform consultation