The school's Designated Senior leaders for Safeguarding are:

Miss K Hannah

Headteacher / Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A Morris

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Liddle

Family Support Worker

Please be aware that staff are highly trained in spotting the signs and symptoms which may indicate risk to a child.  They are also vigilant in reporting every concern using the school's estabilshed systems.  

Please also note that staff have a duty of care to report any safeguarding concerns to the Designated Senior leaders in school who may in turn decide to escalate their concerns to Lancashire childrens social care.

The school considers it's rounded support for pupil welfare and wellbeing to be a strength of the school.  Our staff are conscientious, well trained and have a wide umberella approach to keeping children safe.

The Safeguarding Governor is Mrs Janet Jones.  Mrs Jones is a regular visitor to school and undertakes a range of monitoring activities to ensure we are keeping children as safe as possible.  These include:

  • Checking the Single Central Record - a record of all checks undertaken for staff.

  • Speaking to children about how safe they feel and what they would do if they were worried about anything.

  • Speaking to staff about their safeguarding training and their induction experiences.

  • Completing an annual safeguarding audit with the Headteacher.

  • Reporting to the Governors each term regarding all the above areas.

Governors have received recent training in:

  • Safer Recruitment

  • The PREVENT agenda

  • Online Safety

  • The 'Keeping Children Safe in Education' updated document

For the full picture of safeguarding in school, please access the formal report to Governors (linked document below) which is completed annually for Governors.

    In our most recent parental survey, 100% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the school kept their child safe. (November 2016)