Our Faith

As a Roman Catholic School, our faith is central to everything that takes place at The Blessed Sacrament.

It is intrinsically part of everything we do; it is who we are, and sets the tone for how we relate to and build relationships with each other.  We recognise our children as unique individuals made in the image of Christ.

‘You are precious in my eyes’.
Isaiah 43:4

The teachings of the Catholic faith are central not only to our RE curriculum but to our everyday conduct and our faith guides us in other policies eg behaviour, SEND.

10% RE curriculum time is allocated across all key stages. This equates to 2 hours for EYFS and KS1 and 2.5 hrs for KS2 children.

The staffing and resourcing devoted to RE is of the highest standard, reflecting its significance and importance in our school.

We hope that the children educated at our school will grow towards religious maturity, ready to face the responsibilities of a Christian life; 'Loving and Learning with Jesus in their hearts'.